1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

    Christmas is coming soon...And with Merritt's famous Iced & Decorated Cookies every party will be filled with smiles. Now all designs are available to order on-line or in store!

  2. We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

    No matter what size party you are having this Christmas, Merritt's Bakery has the treat for you...a gingerbread sleigh filled with cookies makes a perfect centerpiece that even holds your favorite cookies! We also have Christmas Tree cookie trays, vegetable, fruit trays, & miniature pastry trays for every event!

  3. Classic Fruitcake!

    Every family has that nutty family member...ship them a classic Merritt's Fruitcake this year! Chocked full of nuts, fruit and brandy, our take on this Yuletide tradition is amazing! And, now available to ship till December 20th!

  4. A Season of Giving!

    No matter who you have to buy for this Christmas we have the perfect edible gift! Our pastry trays are great for those special people that you want to give a bite sized bit of joy this season...

  5. Every Family has a Fruitcake...

    But the Merritt family has delicious fruit cake for all of Tulsa! Even if you have never liked fruitcake you will love ours 'cause we use real fruit & nuts! Wonderful for that bite you need with that new coffee maker on Christmas morning...