1. Thanks Teachers!

    Teachers give us the opportunity to explore a thousand worlds, be anything we want to be, or even spend a quiet afternoon with a book. Thank you all for blessing our lives...Enjoy your summer break!

  2. It's Grillin' Time!

    Summertime is here & so are the buns for your outdoor cooking! Hamburger or Bratwurst buns are available through Labor Day at Merritt's Bakery. You can feel like you are at the ballpark all summer long! On sale now for only $2.50

  3. We need some Amazing Folks!

    Interested in a bakery career? We need some help! So, let's get together...If you are looking to pursue one with a long time Tulsa family come in and apply today!

  4. Closed Mondays this Summer at Riverside!

    Due to road construction during this summer on 101st Street, the Riverside location will be closed on Mondays beginning May 29th. Tuesday through Saturday we will be open 6am to 6pm just like all the other stores. So, come visit us...just not on Mondays!

  5. Always Remember...

    We're closed Monday! Take a moment this Memorial Day to remember those who have served & died to protect our freedom... All Gave Some, Some Gave All. Thank you!